5 Ways to Cook Fast and Cook Healthy

With the new year not far away I’m sure a lot of you are gearing up with your fitness plans and but fitness isn’t just about what you do at the gym. It’s mostly about what you do it. To be precise, it’s about the diet.

To stay fit, build a leaner, stronger body you have to eat right. So here are a few kitchen hacks from KitchenGuyd.com to help you eat healthy yet be quick.

Flavor with spices

For flavor, most chefs would recommend you to use fresh herbs but chopping, dicing etc. is something I have always hated. Luckily, that’s where the spice drawer comes into action. Powdered ginger, garlic or even herbs work equally well.

Apart from that spice are also known to aid with weight loss. Cumin is one of the most effective spices. Apart from that Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Mustard, Turmeric, Ginger are few others.

Herb ice cubes

I always prefer buying fresh herbs from the market when cooking as they provide the best flavors but the problem is that the leftovers often go to waste until I recently came across a neat trick to use them.

All you need to do it blend the remaining herbs with some water or olive and, stuff them in ice trays and let it freeze. You can then add them to smoothies, omelets, and dips. Just keep track of the flavors you’re freezing.

Herb ice cubes

Find the right snacks

I love snacking especially in the evening but it’s hard to find stuff that’s healthy and not every time I or maybe even you would love to cook either, right? So what do you do when hunger strikes at 5?

Well, I have a jar at home stuffed with protein bars. Protein bars are easy to carry and fit in your pockets. Apart from that, they are available in tons of different flavors. The 10g of proteins will keep you fuelled for the rest of the day.

Make soups and broths like a boss

Like I mentioned above, I hate chopping and dicing and while soups and broths are some of the healthiest foods to have I’m often too lazy to prep them but here’s an easy way to do it and that too with the waste leftover from the previous cook.

All you need to do is throw in all the onion and carrot peel, celery tips etc. into a pressure cooker, use the right spices such ginger, garlic, pepper, salt etc. and no time you’ll have an amazing, yummy broth ready. Now that’s how you get your money’s worth.

Bake it healthy

Find it hard to avoid the yummy cakes and muffins? Well, baking can be done the healthy way too. You just need to find the right substitutes for the sugar and the fatty products and my recommended substitute is a banana.

Make sure the bananas are ripe. Simply peel them the throw it into the freezer. When needed, thaw it and add it to the cake batter.


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