Cakegirlkc : 7 Ways To Properly Clean Your Pellet Smoker

If you want your pellet stove to last for a longer time and want to prevent any kind of accidental fires, then it is important that you clean your pellet smoker regularly and take special care of it. Proper maintenance of a pellet stove can increase its life and improve its efficiency, allowing you to grill and smoke food with better results.

So, here are 7 ways in which you can clean your pellet smoker efficiently:

  1. Cleaning after every use

One of the best ways to keep your pellet smoker clean at all times is by making sure you clean it after every use. For this, you would need your pellet smoker to run at a high temperature for a few minutes. This will help in unsticking the food items which were previously stuck to the smoker and melting any fat which is still accumulated on your smoker. Then, you will need a brush to remove the food items from the grill grate.

  1. Cleaning the built-up soot

If you want your smoker to function properly and provide your food items with adequate heat, then you would need to check for the build-up soot inside your smoker and clean it off with the help of a wire brush.

  1. Clean the glass

Another thing to keep cleaned in your smoker would be the glass which will help you in knowing whether the fuel is burning properly or not. To clean the glass, you would need to turn off your smoker first and then wait for 30 minutes for it to cool down before you start cleaning the glass. If you completely wanna change your smoker, check best pellet smokers and grill.Once the smoker has cooled down, you take a paper towel and a commercial glass cleaner to clean both the outside and the inside of the glass.

  1. Remove the clinkers

One important thing to clean from your smoker is the clinkers that are formed due to the melting and the solidifying of the ash. These clinkers can block the air flow and disturb the fuel and oxygen mixture to the burn pot. So, you need to remove these clinker with an ash tool.

  1. Empty the auger tube

If you don’t want your smoker’s feed system to get completely blocked, then you need to let your auger tube and fuel hopper to empty regularly to prevent sawdust and pellet debris from building up inside.

  1. Let your smoker cool down before cleaning

One of the best ways to ensure that you have completely cleaned your pellet smoker is by letting it cool down first before you start wiping it down with a wet cloth. This will allow you to clean thoroughly and remove any stuck food pieces to your smoker with great ease.

  1. Collect the grease

Make sure that you collect all the grease from your cooked fatty meats and store it in someplace where it won’t get in the hands of any animal. You don’t want grease to be spilling around your smoker as it can lead to a grease fire.

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